Covid19 #Booze factor economy boosting challenge

If we don’t booze whether we will die??how can liquor be tonic booster to fight the spread of COVID-19.Simply cannot understand the logic??Its ridiculous and pathetic strategy to push #boozeconomy. Both Centre and States are responsible for such stupid irresponsible idea to reopen liquor shops, ought to accept that lack of coordination and planning gaps isContinue reading “Covid19 #Booze factor economy boosting challenge”

There is no zodiac effect or vastu that pushes me to start

Life is not what we see through our nacked eyes,there is a hidden pain behind every smile,burning truth about all incidents which is going to be unfolded.Sometimes we need to consume what is not needed as we know same could be given back later when situation demands that Blogging gives me the satisfaction and expressionContinue reading “There is no zodiac effect or vastu that pushes me to start”