Dozens of leaves are asking curiously Who are you in this beautiful fantasy? Are you an unknown? As searching irresolutely For a valuable and familiar to testify Think, want to notify. Why are you separated and alone? Sleeping under a stamping ground Covering face with garbage as pounds Either a trash or burn to crucifyContinue reading “IN SEARCH OF AN IDENTITY”

Evil superstar Corona stay away!!

Hey!! hell Grim Reaper ,stay at bay, Do not venture to play, With human lives like swordplay, Devil Corona is a fear & huge disaster, But together by maintaining social distance, We can be a real Rockstar, Everything is possible to evade Corona, If we have desire to boost our stamina, Obey our line ofContinue reading “Evil superstar Corona stay away!!”

Our Little Son, our Inspiration

Scuffling, sobbing you come to the world, Generation, you bless our dearest kind, Proud mother love to croon, Oh! My dear, Your great journey will begin soon, Sleepless nights and nervous days, Reminds me of growing age, Waiting for you to crawl and stand, Sweat me hard till the end, While Singing a song orContinue reading “Our Little Son, our Inspiration”

Do or Deny

Do or deny, but do not spot my eyes To an unsatisfied desire or cry Like a concealed silent pry Do or deny. Applause me as precious high Embrace me as you mourn to a die Backing and not deliver a lie Do or deny.                                                     Looking at your face but why? All are mysterious,Continue reading “Do or Deny”

Salute to Doctor’s Day

Doctors play a vital role, To save our soul, Their service to human being , Ever be remember by all. They are our lifeline, Respect & honour should be fine. Their service is divine, God prevails in doctors mind, Respect & honour should be fine. Love to doctors is love to god, Nothing can beContinue reading “Salute to Doctor’s Day”

Mother is above all

My dear grand daughter and sons, My sweet heart, Pray to god day and night, Be bold in life to fight, Listen (to) the words of mother, Win will come near, No work make you bother, Great or small whatever, There is nothing greater, Mother is mother, Compare is abusurd to other, Remember always inContinue reading “Mother is above all”

Growing Trees

A blurred vision, rapid in motion Rather an illusion, difficult to greet Thirstiness for love only high enough But a strand for some growing tree. A sudden blow, with dejection and flow Not clear yet to divinity Blinking of eyes, twice or thrice Offering a price for loyalty. A mooting issue, still hiding in tissuesContinue reading “Growing Trees”

Poem dedicated to Indian Army,Jai Hind

A Casket of glory Once while protecting land From some adversaries and not a friend Came across a wooden grave Asking for some genuine help Please!  Get in to this pitiless fact Yet inwarding its shadowy sight Along glory valour and pride Reclining to its fortunate hide As an envelope of my motherland To enhanceContinue reading “Poem dedicated to Indian Army,Jai Hind”